Raffles Affiliate Program

Have you dreamed of earning passive income? Then look no further than The Raffle Hub Affiliate Program! Earn money simply by getting your customers and followers to take part in our raffles. We do the rest!

Step 1.

Register your interest using our simple online form or contact us by email win@rafflehub.co

Step 2.

Once we have approved your registration, you will be supplied with an affiliate code, simply use this code to give to your followers and they will get a discount and you will earn a 10% commission for every sale from that customer for a whole year!

Step 3.

We will pay you every month for all the commission you have earned in the last 28 days you can track all our your sales and performance using our Affiliate Dashboard.

Top tips!

  • Make sure your affiliate code is prominent and can easily be seen by your followers. We recommend putting this at the beginning of your posts’ description.
  • If you are a mail order business contact us and we will supply you with flyers to send out in orders with a unique QR code.
  • Consistency is key! You’ve definitely heard this one before, the main this is to be realistic with yourself. Can you post every day, every week? It’s up to you, whatever you decide make sure you stick to it and you’ll watch the £££ roll in!
  • Social media algorithms love seeing people’s faces. Getting your face on your photos and videos will see much higher engagement and keep your followers interested with real content – no one wants to see the same graphics every day.
  • Ensure that our website link (https://rafflehub.co/) can be easily accessed by your followers. We recommend adding this into Facebook post descriptions; a button/link on your website and in your Linktree/profile link.
  • You’re also welcome to use any and all media we post on our own social channels to promote your affiliate code.


Want to learn more?

If you’ve got any questions, or would like to arrange a call back, get in touch with us using the form below.