Lambretta CASACASE Crank & Sidecover or £2,500 Tax Free Cash

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John Carling from Perth

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Up for grabs in this weeks parts or cash raffle is the amazing casacase which comes with your choice of crankshaft and also the matching sidecasing!

CNC Colour Choice

  • Black
  • Blue
  • Silver

Crankcase Colour

  • Silver
  • Black

Studs Layout

  • Standard 200cc
  • SST SSR Type


  • 58x110m
  • 58x120mm
  • 60x110mm
  • 60x 120mm
  • 62x110mm
  • 62x120mm
  • 64x110mm
  • 64x120mm
  • 66x120mm
  • 68x120mm
  • 70x120mm

The CasaCase engine casing is a game changer for the Lambretta world. What you are looking at is the result of untold design, development, testing and final production. These have been tried & tested on the roads and racetracks of Europe with unprecedented success. The CasaCase is designed to be a direct ‘plug n’ play’ replacement engine casing for all Series 1, 2, 3, GP / DL (Italian or Indian) and Serveta machines.

Some of the many HUGE advantages of the CasaCase casing are;

– the CasaCase comes complete with crankshaft (with a choice of conrod & stroke), both main crank bearings, oilseals, flywheel flange, front sprocket inner sleeve, rear brake backplate & bearing flanges, rear shocker pin and various fasteners. Any other parts (sidecasing, ignition ( flywheel max. external diameter 128mm), gearbox, clutch etc.) needed to complete the engine are normal Lambretta components

– it is the most versatile engine casing on the market with untold possibilities of fitting ALL Lambretta cylinder kits currently on the market, regardless of capacity, from a bog standard LI125 Series 1 through to a SS225 / TS1 / Super Monza etc.

– The CasaCase has the largest base gasket face area of any Lambretta casing in the Universe. This allows it can be tuned to outrageous levels with immense transfers WITHOUT the need to weld and machine the casing, which has always been a massive headache when using standard Lambretta casings. This also means it can be used to accept a multitude of touring / performance kits, specific high power output kits and even motorcycle barrels. Put simply, the tuning possibilities are unlimited. 

– the CasaCase has been strengthened in all the main areas, especially the known weak points of standard Lambretta casings such as the engine mount lugs, the gearbox fixing studs face and the area at the rear underside of the casing which is susceptible to damage from the kickstart shaft – the CasaCase utilises a needle bearing & oilseal for the gearbox control shaft, as opposed to a simple bush fitted to standard casings, thus improving gear selection and eliminating oil residue

– the engine sidecasing gasket face is larger than on a standard engine.

– both the crankshaft oilseals can be removed EXTERNALLY

– the CasaCase ‘splits’ centrally in the crank area thus giving unprecented access, easy of assembly and this also allows the use of mega-stroke crankshafts (up to 72mm!!!) to give HUGE cubic capacity engine configurations

– unlike some remade casings on the market, the CasaCase uses a special slim drive-side bearing that maintains the con-rod axis in the standard position (despite having a much wider crank) which means that any Lambretta exhaust, whether it’s a performance type or standard, can be used WITHOUT modification

– the CasaCase uses a VERY high quality, race-proven crankshaft manufactured by top Italian crankshaft specialists Primatist. The crankshaft is 50mm across the big-end (instead of 40.5mm) thus completely eliminating all possibility of crankshaft twisting

– The gasket face on the CasaCase is 3mm higher than a standard Lambretta engine, so a 110mm length conrod is now ‘standard’ (as opposed to a 107mm conrod usually fitted to Lambretta engines)

– The CasaCase uses normal Lambretta tranmission gearbox components (4 or 5 speed) and front sprocket assembly. The only differences are the special front sprocket inner sleeve (supplied with the CasaCase) and the omission of the oil-thrower washer under the sleeve, as that is not needed. We thoroughly recommend the use of the Casa Performance gearbox endplate X159

– continuous research & development by Casa Performance means that there will be a constant stream of optional extras and additions that can be retrospectively fitted to your CasaCase Current crankshaft options for the CasaCase are : 110mm or 120mm length conrod with a choice of 58mm, 60mm, 62mm, 64mm, 66mm, 68mm, 70mm or even 72mm stroke (you can choose when ordering on-line). The CasaCase engines are supplied dissmantled but come with easy, step-by-step assembly instructions.