Kris Slavin Wins Mondays Mystery Scooter Raffle #2! With Ticket Number 2280

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£2.00 Per Ticket

Winner is: slavinkris

Ticket number: 2280 Answer: 3000

Kris Slavin from Blantyre

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Raffle Hub, scooterist owned competition company, giving you the chance to win a classic scooter every Thursday

Live draw is on Facebook this Monday at 9pm

Can you guess what it is? all I will tell you is it’s registered as a 125 but has a tasty motor…

Well this one was so popular we’ve decided to do it again, hopefully you’ve all seen the last mystery scooter by now so you’ll know we are giving out some great quality stuff

I will give you a few clues just so you know whether it’s your bag or not….

It’s NOT a Smallframe Vespa or Smallframe Lambretta, it’s registered as a 125cc but it has a tuned motor fitted, it’s Italian and it’s also tax and MOT exempt